Agouron Institute Drilling Project

Site for coordinating sampling and analysis for the Australian cores

About The Project


The Agouron Institute funded drilling of very clean cores in Archean rocks in Western Australia to control for contamination in biomarkers and to provide outstanding samples for geochemical characterization of  sedimentary rocks. This site is for communication among researchers working on Agouron’s Australia Cores. Key participants include:

Leadership Team*: Ariel Anbar (ASU), Roger Summons (MIT), Dawn Sumner (UC Davis)

Australian Project Manager: Martin Van Kranendonk (UNSW)

Co-Principle Investigators: Roger Buick (U Washington), Jochen Brocks (ANU), Adriana Dutkiewicz (U Sydney), Kate Freeman (PSU), Simon George (Macquarie U), Christian Hallmann (MPI-Bremen), David Johnston (Harvard), Jay Kaufman (U Maryland), Andrew Knoll (Harvard), Gordon Love (UC Riverside), Tim Lyons (UC Riverside), Gregg Webb (U Queensland), and Ben Weiss (MIT)

Collaboration Guidelines and Expectations: The team of investigators is diverse, and in an effort to promote collaboration, the Leadership Team has put together a short outline of how the team should coordinate activities:  Agouron Drilling Project_RoR

If you would like more information on the project, please use the contact form below.

*Defined as those investigators coordinating the project sampling protocols, the curation procedures, and website/blog communication system for the project.


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